Beckman Capillary Electrophoresis PACE MDQ

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Beckman Capillary Electrophoresis PACE MDQ, used
P/ACE™ MDQ, Sample Temperature Control with DAD Detection, UV/Vis & LIF
A CE-based analytical system configured optimally for developing methods for the separation of enantiomers
The system includes a P/ACE™ MDQ configured with a photo diode array detector, UV source optics, temperature-controlled sample storage module and 32 Karat™ Software configured on a desktop controller.
From Development to Quality Control
Recirculating liquid coolants dissipate "excess" heat much more effectively than air-cooled systems. Efficient heat dissipation is critical in Capillary Electrophoresis to allow for the usage of higher conductivity buffers and larger I.D. capillaries.
Your benefit is more flexibility in sample load and the ability to create better separation efficiencies with the use of higher ionic strength buffers. This allows methods to be easily transferred from a methods development laboratory to a routine use environment.
The System includes:
-temperature-controlled sample storage compartment
- Karat Software V5 preinstalled on a desktop controller
- PDA, UV and LIF detector
- Lot of consumables and spare parts

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