Mettler T 7 Excellence Titrationssysteme

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Mettler T 7 Excellence Titrationssysteme, used,
Mettler T 7 Excellence Titrator with additional Conductometer board,
1 additional Dosing unit,
2 Burettes (5ml)
Scope of application: Potentiometric, Conduktometric, Thermometric,
KF Volumetric, KF Coulometric, Endounkttitration, EQP-Titration
max. number of Methods: 150
Software: LabX
Autosampler InMotion flex for 50 samples with Peristaltic pump SNR 200
Installation of unit 11/2017;Taking into operation 2018
New Price Euro 38.000,00
Price: Euro 9900,00 Titrator with Software
Price: Euro 6900,00 InMotion Autosampler with Peristalitic pump SNR 200


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